Breastfeeding: succeeding your first feedings

Breastfeeding: succeeding your first feedings

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You have your maternal instinct for you. Your baby has for him the innate reflexes of burying his little nose in your breast and sucking. To put even more assets on your side during your first breast, here are the very tender gestures that will help you.

Make yourself comfortable

  • There used to be a seat model called the "nurse chair". Low enough so that the feet rest on the ground, while raising slightly higher knees than a normal seat: thus, the buttocks of the baby, slightly inclined, rested on the thighs of his mother and her head was at the height of the breast (you do not have the model at home ... improve your very classic armchair by sliding a small stool under your feet, you will thus find this ideal position of the legs). His right back gave the back good support. Equipped with armrests, it allowed to fold an arm to install the head of the baby in the hollow of the elbow. Experiment with the seats you have at home and choose the one that comes closest to this model.

If your baby does not find your way to your breast

  • The first few times, he may be a little disoriented. To help him trigger his famous sucking reflex, caress his cheek close to your breast: automatically, his face will turn to you and his mouth open in search of your nipple. Otherwise, pinch your breast slightly to let out a drop of milk that you put on your finger and then on the lips. His tongue will come to inquire about this sensation. No doubt, you offer him a feed ... and he is very eager.

To him to find his position

  • If you offer him your left breast, pass his right arm under your armpit so that he does not interfere between you and him. Support her head in your left hand and bring her close so that her chin is against your breast. With your right hand, support your breast to guide the nipple to her mouth. Your baby must grasp all of your breast end. Make sure his nose tip is not crushed against your chest, he must be able to breathe without discomfort.

Help him to leave

  • Your baby may stop breastfeeding without leaving your nipple and showing signs of discomfort. Do not try to detach him from you, his mouth still tight on your breast will pinch you. Slide your little finger between his gums to relax his jaw, which he will then open naturally. Lift him up a little and pat his back to make a burp that will allow him to "go back". When it is full, the baby often falls asleep, and his mouth releases your nipple. In general, his appetite is satisfied with the milk of only one of your breasts; give him the second at the next feeding.

Ideal position for feeding the night ...

  • You are so good in bed! No problem, stay there. Press your back against one or two pillows, sit cross-legged, which will allow your baby to lie down, buttocks in the crook of your bent knees, his head resting on your thigh at the height of the nipple.If you If you have not found a seat that matches our previous description, you can adopt this position anywhere, legs crossed on the floor, leaning against a wall or a piece of furniture.

A heart to heart, skin to skin

  • Your baby draws from your breast the milk he has an immediate need to silence his hunger, but also all the emotional security that will help him build himself: thus, he can become independent because he knows that your love for him follows everywhere. He likes your smell, the sweet taste of milk, the touch of your skin on his. When you are both alone, strip your bust so that his whole body will be against yours.

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