I tested the Bolly Training!

I tested the Bolly Training!

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Move to stay in shape, I'm fine. But if it can be on a lively music, in a relaxed atmosphere, with a coach full of humor, it's even better! The discovery session is free, it's worth a try, right?

Where ?

  • Appointment is given at 19:30, 4, rue d'Annam, an alley that climbs behind Place Gambetta. Sneakers, comfortable outfit, small towel (because we're going to sweat) and bottle of water are recommended.

How does it begin?

  • Astrid gives the rhythm on tunes of Bollywood. And hop, we bend our knees. And hop, we reach out to the fingertips, and we swing left, right. And hop, three little jumps, and hop on "throw flowers", and hop on. No time to breathe !
  • The first twenty minutes scroll on a sustained time, a series of choreographic sequences inspired by Indian dances that novices - like me - sometimes have trouble capturing perfectly, but what does it matter! It prints little by little, it's funny, varied and really tonic.
  • After five minutes, drops bead on my forehead. Will I hold to the end? Answer ... yes, because it lasts just long enough to be a little tired, but not enough to exhaust me! And all the muscles from the neck to the toes are heated, I guarantee it.

What goes on with what?

  • We go to the ground! For different exercises, more traditional, but always guided by the good mood and vitality of Astrid. Abs, glutes, adductors, everything is pampered ... inhaling and exhaling deeply, it helps, and it allows to position well. We deepen, Astrid watch, replace two parallel feet here, check that the back is well glued to the ground by that ...

It ends ...

  • By generous and welcome stretches. Fingertips at the end of the heels, a wave of well-being invades me. When I leave the premises it is almost 21 hours, I have not seen the time pass and I feel in great shape!

Odile Amblard

• For more information: www.fitnessbollywood.com