He is tired, react!

He is tired, react!

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Eyed-up eyes, pale complexion, your toddler has obviously gone down. It's time to act to help him regain his tone!

  • Fatigue in children is frequent in winter, because of its climate which is not very beneficial to the body of the youngest and the series of rhinos which succeed one another. Result: your toddler looks gray, yawns endlessly, needs abnormally long naps. It's time to set the record straight!

Lay it out early enough

  • Difficult to define a "normal" duration of sleep for children. Some people need to sleep a lot, others are content to have a good night's sleep. Between marmots and insomniacs, there are all those who sleep from eight to ten hours. What does it matter!
  • The duration of sleep must be enough so that your child does not get tired the next day, especially during the morning.

He's tired ? Lighten up your schedule

  • Fatigue can also be the consequence of unsuitable living conditions. This is the case, for example the child who goes to bed later than expected to be able to enjoy his mom or dad at night. Or the baby, who is taken at dawn to his place of care to recover it at the end of the day. There is enough to be exhausted by these long days.
  • It's time to make good resolutions. Try to return sooner, if possible, or ask for outside help (babysitter, granny) to pick up your baby. The calm of his house will be profitable to him. Expect him to rest (at this age, a child still needs to take a nap) and walk outdoors during the weekend rather than going out to the supermarket!

Declining diet? Check his plate ...

  • It starts with a good breakfast, with a bottle of growth milk, accompanied by some cereals or french toast.
  • In the morning, a small snack is always appreciated : fruit, yogurt, preferably avoiding fat and all fast sugars such as sweets, cakes.

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