5 digital tips to better enjoy the holidays

5 digital tips to better enjoy the holidays

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Check the price of his Internet connection from abroad before leaving, scan his passport in case of loss, write down his passwords to check his accounts away from home ... To go on holiday mind light, here are 5 tips that can save you a lot of hassle!

1. Check Internet rates from abroad

  • If you go abroad, remember to check with your telephone company Internet connection rates from the country where you will be. Also remember to block the automatic connection to 3G or 4G, it will save you a bad surprise on your next bill! To surf in peace, enjoy the hotel's wifi and restaurants ...

2. Save the contents of your smartphone

  • Before leaving, remember to save the contents of your phone to your computer. In case of loss or theft, you will be able to recover your photos and your contacts .... A small gesture that can be useful.

3. Write down your credit card, passport and driver's license numbers somewhere

  • In case of loss or theft, this will facilitate your steps. If you have the time, you can also scan these documents and send them by mail to consult them if necessary, wherever you are.

4. Save your photos regularly

  • You take dozens of photos from your little family every day? Take a few minutes to send them to you by email, in order to have a copy if you lose your device. Or create a Dropbox to upload your photos.

5. Take your passwords with you

  • Facebook account, bank account ... if you want to consult them on vacation, take your passwords with you, even if most sites allow you to find them via your mailbox. Attention, if you are at the hotel and you use the computer available, or if you go to a cyber-café, it is recommended to use a password manager (like Dashlane which is free) for prevent malware from retrieving your information. Indeed, this tool allows you to save your access codes and use them by a simple copy-and-paste - without typing them on the keyboard. Malin!