What is a good ultrasound?

What is a good ultrasound?

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A good ultrasound is a complete examination, done in good conditions by a trained sonographer and well equipped. Its good quality depends mainly on 5 factors.

1. The good programming of echoes

  • It is considered that if all goes well and there is no particular antecedent, then three ultrasound scans are necessary and sufficient for monitoring pregnancy and fetal development. These three echoes represent what are called "systematic ultrasounds" since they will be offered to all future mothers. It is very important that these reviews be done at the right time to be able to provide all the information you need.
  • Schematically, they are performed in the middle of each of the three trimesters of pregnancy: the first between 8 and 12 weeks of amenorrhea (no menstruation), the second between 20 and 24 weeks of amenorrhea and the third between 32 and 36 weeks . Of course, if events require it, additional ultrasound should be done.

2. The ultrasound equipment

  • The material must be effective and updated regularly (equipped for example with accessories for vaginal ultrasound or Doppler, for example). More and more birth attendants have an ultrasound machine in their consulting room. They usually use it to "take a look" during monthly visits. This practice is very useful and can sometimes detect pathologies unsuspected by clinical examination.
  • However, this ultrasound is not a substitute for a session on ultrasound. Even if it is your midwife who is practicing the echoes, it is important that they be done at another time and that the necessary time and materials are available.

3. The practitioner

  • Examination of a fetus requires special training and training. Whatever the original training (midwife, radiologist, general practitioner, pediatrician ...), he must devote a large part of his activity to fetal ultrasound.

4. The content of the exam

  • Each term has a list of points to explore. They are included in the report provided to you at the end of the examination.

5. Technical hazards

  • Certain qualities of maternal skin let less pass ultrasonic, certain positions of the baby in utero prevent to distinguish certain parts, certain conditions (amniotic fluid, fibroma ...) complicate examination. Everything is not always easy.

To summarize, a good ultrasound is a complete examination, performed without difficulty or complications by a sonographer trained and well equipped. If so, do not hesitate to repeat the exam.